Toma Gabor

My preoccupations are: clay modeling, plaster casting and sculpting, bronze casting, steel welding, wood carving, stone and marble carving, ceramics sculpture, and a large variety of alternative materials. My style: from figurative to abstract and installation, from small scale to monumental projects. I am an active artist, participating in the events/ shows in the UAE and abroad like: exhibitions, seminars, symposiums and competition. Awarded in the field of visual art/ sculpture and installation abroad, and recently in Dubai, as the "Outstanding Art therapist" by HRH Princess Haya Al Hussain, wife of Sh Mohamad Ruller of Dubai. Working in various projects, indoor and outdoor, landscape and environmental in UAE and abroad. I am a teacher involved in art education since 1995. Preoccupation in the restoration and conservation field between 1994 to 2003 (like active), earning two degrees, and the title of expert from Ministry of Culture. Since 1985 involved in mural art decoration, Byzantine style, All Secco and Al Fresco technique. I earn the BA in Visual Art/ Sculpture in 2009 from University of Art, Bucharest, Romania. Traveling and living abroad in Italy, I study the old masters and their techniques. I consider that a mild stones in learning Art is to observe, understand and apply, plagiary is the laziness and the atrophied of the senses . Art is multicultural and reach in ideas and methods. We are fortunate to live in XXI century and to have the experiences of our ancestors behind us, as a huge pallet of options ready to study and experiment. Sculpture is a complex field in art, and I consider comprehending the volumes as the key of it, often its required more observation and comprehension than usual in the other Visual/ Plastic Arts.