Tauseef Al-Mulla

Tauseef Al Mulla is a Sharjah based Emarati artist, painting professionally  and teaching for  last 25 years. A master in various scripts of Arabic Calligraphy with pen, ink and in painterly form. She has experience in different mediums from pastels to acrylics, oils as well etchings and collographs.

Her work comprises of oriental images with calligraphy, as well local scenes done with equal perfection in bright vibrant colors, a mixture of abstract expressionism. Being a versatile artist she incorporates collages into her paintings  giving a contemporary look to traditional themes with Islamic motifs and arches with gold leaf giving a mesmerizing effect, whether its acrylic and collage or etchings.

She feels there is a constant interaction between architecture and life. Architecture has always had a rich vocabulary of its own from classic through to modern and contemporary with meaning and significance. Inspired by her studies of Arabic Calligraphy her work creates a visual harmony for the spirit.

She has exhibited her work in UAE, UK, Kuwait and Pakistan. She has a long list of group shows as well 4 solo exhibitions, commission done for corporate offices and private collectors. Numerous paintings done by her have been used for greeting cards by Al Noor and Al Greeting.  

She has painted a 3D camel for Camel Caravan in Dubai and was invited to Sweden to paint their National Logo Dalahurst with UAE images for their 25th Anniversary of Swedish Women Educational Association.

      She has taught color pastels, oil and acrylics to under graduates at Higher Colleges of Technology 1999-2008.Also served as Art Istructor at Sharjah ladies club for kids and adult(2005-2015).She has been teaching calligraphy merged with painting at Dubai International Art Centre for the last 15 years. She has done plenty of workshops in Arabic Calligraphy for corporate events, as well as writing invitation and writing names in Arabic Calligraphy ( Deewani, Jali deewani, Naskh and Thulth) form  with Qasb (reed pen).Lately she is combining English with Arabic Calligraphy in paintings, as well in teaching.

With the benefits of her vast travelling experience her subject matter is always diversified. Mrs. Al-Mulla feels calligraphy should be seen as more than beautiful words on paper, but rather communication of most intimate emotions. She has great rapport with her students and their creative styles which enables her to guide them for perfection in their work, making it a pleasant journey and not a tedious process. Due to immense teaching experience she is able to communicate well with  students, judge their caliber  and progress  accordingly.


instagram - @art_tauseefalmulla