Sachin Jain

I try to remember when was the first time I picked up pencil to sketch and make drawings. All I remember is always playing with colors pencils and drawing cartoons, faces, animals, flowers and with time started using other art media to give shapes to my imagination. Always been fascinated about creating something new.  

Moving from a town of Rajasthan to Hyderabad (India). I was a university student, studying management. Never imagined that I will fall in the world of colorful precious rocks given by Mother Earth and it will become my passion. My first jewelry design I did for my cousin to help her out to submit in a jewelry competition, no idea of how to design a piece of jewel. All I knew how to draw. That was the day and till today never stop designing jewelry. Joined jewelry designing and manufacturing classes in an institute called OPUS DEI in Hyderabad. I was lucky to learn and understand jewelry manufacturing from the best jewelry master in the town. I wanted to know more about Gems world, learning jewelry design and manufacturing was not enough, so I did diamond graduation from Gems and jewelry institute of Hyderabad and so on my gemology from GIA (Gemological institute of America). My interest about colors and drawing grew into a unique and compelling passion for gems and jewelry designing.   

While I was doing my Gemology graduation from GIA, I started working as jewelry designer with one of the leading jewelry manufacturing company, Dubai based. Working with auto cad and other high tech source for jewelry designing and manufacturing, I knew I had found my calling.

It’s been 10year in Dubai working with Gems and jewels and few years ago opened my own jewelry manufacturing company. Where we design and manufacture fine jewelry, trophies and corporate gifts and do trading of fine gems in local and overseas market.

Always keen to work on challenging projects and taking them out of the traditional path, I try to push the limit of creating jewelry by thinking outside of the box and use the best techniques to create the best master piece.   

And it’s me as a professional jewelry designer and a gemologist with 15 years of success.

Sachin Jain

Instagram- @sachinjain08