Rita Nicolas

Rita Nicolas is a happy, young and full of life artist and architect. She was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon where she learned fine art at the "Sacre Coeur" institute and then attended the "USEK" university in Kaslik in pursuit of her 5 years Architect d interieur degree. 

During her university studies, Rita was handpicked by her professors for her exquisite mastery of colour mixing. All her projects were published on the university boards. Growing up in Lebanon she was captivated by the richness of its history. Her many travels deepened her visions and coloured her paintings. 

Rita and other Lebanese artists participated in local exhibitions. Her work appeared in the USEK magazine. She worked for Jabre Engineering before travelling to live in Cyprus where she was particularly influenced by the Greek culture and mosaics. 

In Dubai she worked for Javana colours as their in house art designer before leaving to be a private freelance designer. She joined DUCTAC for 2 years and now is teaching at DIAC. Rita speaks Arabic, English and French.

Instagram :  @rita_nls