Nahida Beshara

Nahida Beshara, Lenanese Artist and instructor

Nahida began her lifetime's art education in her native country, Lebanon-Birut, before moving to the UAE in 1980. 

In the UAE she continued to study with the renowned Ihssan Al khatib and took advantage of new art courses and facilities, especially when Sharjah ladies club first opened their doors. 

Between 1992 and 1994 she studied Fine Art & Art History in Egypt, in 1996 she joined Penn Foster college to accomplish her Fine Art Degree, whilst Nahida was exhibiting her work in different parts of UAE, she gained many prizes from Sharjah Museum. 

In the same year,and the following years. Nahida was commissioned by very well known Lebanese Families as Mr. Tawil, Abou Jaoudeh, Daou, Ghurayeb Hidar and Swaidan; UAE based families and British families in the UK including G.Jordan in UAE. In 2001, she was invited to Ras Al Maten Symposium and was honored with a prize and in 2002, she was invited by the "Art society" in Lebanon to exhibit her work with 40 other French artists, she exhibited her work in two places, Expo Beirut and Venecia Hotel- Beirut. 

Later in 2002, she joint the Art academy in Florence-Italy, short courses studying figure painting to further improve her art skills. In 2002-2003 she joint the Royal Academy of Art in the UK, short course which included different Mediums, she also spent a period of time in the National Art Gallery UK, Louvre And Dorsay-Paris practicing impressionist and renaissance painting. 

She painted many portraits, Icons, scenes from Lebanon, Syria and Yorkshire UK,. practiced Modern Art with the very known Lebanese artist Wajih Nahle, practiced Modern and contemporary art in Metafora Barcelona, 2004 guest speaker with Sharjah TV , Assel we Sourah and Rewaq al fananine.

she is currently studying for an Honors Degree in western Art History. She assisted college students with their portfolios.