Mussy Hadi

Mussy Hadi


Mussy’s art education has taken her down an interesting road of self discovery. After being a teacher of English as a Second Language and a Reading teacher at the American School of Dubai for over two decades, Mussy began her formal art education in 2003 under the tutelage of the well known instructors of the Art Students League of New York. At the League, Frank Mason (who passed away in June 2009) was Mussy’s teacher for six years for the study of painting from life composition and colour, and was a strong advocate of the Master’s works. She is continuing her studies under Tom Torak, also an earlier student of Frank Mason, who teaches with the same philosophy.

Another important influence is Kenneth McIndoe, her morning class teacher, who has helped her move forward at great paces and to develop a mature understanding of colour, composition and design.

Amongst her other teachers at the League, is Ellen Eagle who plays a major role in helping Mussy with pastel techniques.

The wealth of information imparted to Mussy by her instructors and through research and study of representational works displayed in New York museums and galleries, her art education has become a solid foundation for her interest in painting with oil and pastel.

Mussy’s work has been displayed and won merits in group exhibitions at the Phillis Harriman Mason Gallery, at the Art Students League of New York