Lita Mathews

Lita Mathews is an Indian self - taught artist, born in Bahrain, having professional experiences as a High School Teacher and Pedagogical Trainer.

Contrary to having completed Masters in Life Sciences, her passion was in the creative field. She started drawing at a very early age and had the habit of collecting throw away pieces with a vision of turning them into treasure.. Lita has always been inspired from Indian art, Yemeni Jewellery, Arabic Calligraphy and Far-Eastern culture. Ethnic and Contemporary have been sources of inspiration for her to make wearable pieces of art and mix media art forms.  Her works have found their place in few homes back in her homeland,  the UAE, Turkey and the US.   She loves to restore and  create up-cycled jewelry  from  fabrics, found objetcs and broken jewelry. She lives in Dubai with her Spouse since 2009. Her other interests and future projects include Textile designing, Interior decoration, Photography and Animal Welfare.

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