Judy Shinnick

Judy Shinnick is a classically trained oil painter who specialises in portraiture and figurative art.

Influenced by the Old and New Masters, her objective is to record the fleeting moments and characters in everyday life.  Through her technically driven work, Judy seeks to present reality as closely as possible. However, she also strives to capture the warmth of the skin and a light behind the eyes, undertaking to paint the human soul and spirit.

After her studies in Ireland and Florence, Judy researched and designed an approach to her workshops that is suitable for all levels of experience and at the same time instills confidence and ambition.  As a qualified and experienced coach Judy also guides and mentors those who want to develop their art practice.

Instagram - @judyshinnickartclasses


The meaning of life is to find your gift … the purpose of life is to give it away’

Pablo Picasso