Daria Avdeeva

 A former student of Kamen Bonev at DIAC, is trained in Fine Arts by the artists of classical schools. At the moment, Daria is a resident at Art-Office Gallery Fedini in Moscow. Her art education was received in the following institutions:

Her art focuses mainly on the subject of portrait and figurative art, influenced by Klimt, Caravaggio and Botticelli. The dramatic contrast, along with dimmed colors and symbolics create the mysterious atmosphere of her artworks.

The course is for everyone who wants to learn how to paint in Russian and Italian techniques or to perfect their own art skills.

Instagram: artdariaavd


• Visual Artist - solo exhibition of oil paintings 

   at Russian Cultural Center. (2016) Sofia, Bulgaria


• Visual Artist - solo exhibition at Dada Cultural Bar. (2016) Sofia, Bulgaria

• Visual Artist - exhibition at Dubai International Arts Center. (2009-2013)           Dubai, UAE

• Painting commissions (2013-2019) 


• Fine Arts Teacher at 6  Uchilishte Graf Ignatiev School and Vasil Levski School. (2017-2018)

Sofia, Bulgaria


• Creator and Instructor of Digital Art Painting course on Photoshop for Da Da Art School (2019)

• Designer and Implementer of the final group project for Master’s Degree in UIC (2019

• Creator and Instructor of drawing workshop for adults “Transforming      Shapes” (2018)