Awss AlAwssi


Awss AlAwssi comes from a very well known artistic family in Iraq, he specifies in ceramic works, in 2002 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad then later from the college of Fine Arts, Baghdad 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree. He has participated in many personal galleries even before he graduated from the year 1997 till 2016. He managed in 2008 Madarat Gallery. He renovated the art work in Iraq’s 5 star hotels for the Arab Summit Conference 2010 – 2011 that included but not inclusive of AlRasheed’s hotel forayer area and the main entrance of the Babylon hotel, Baghdad, 2011. He founded and managed the Gallery Centre of Fine Arts in Baghdad 2012. He was a Consultant for the Creativity and Peace Gallery 2015 – 2016. In 2018 he was employed at the college of Fine Arts, Al Sharjah University, UAE as a ceramic technician where he participated in assisting and guiding the students with their graduation projects. His passion for Ceramic works makes him eager to teach them to interested individuals, this translates to giving all the support he can to his students.

Instagram : @ awssalawssi