Theraupatic art for cognitive development and concentration for Kids

Basic Information

The theraupatic art for cognitive development and concentration with Ruxeena. Mixed group.

This art is a form of expressive art in which we use different colours, and mediums that use the creative process of making art to improve students physical, mental and emotional well being.

Teaching art in a therapeutic way will help students cognitive development and their concentration levels and to prepare them to be better in their academics and  overall development.

The recent workshop which I attended in Australia at Melbourne art therapy has deeply touched me and I want the children to get benefited with this therapeutic art sessions.

Course Details

Teacher Rukseena Musthafa
Day / Time Monday (4.30-6.15pm)
Course Session Monday: 1.45 Hours
Duration 12 Weeks
Members Fee 1350
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee none

Material Required

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