Jewellery making ( beads and clay )

Basic Information

Course Objective

Terracotta, derived from the Italian word means fired or baked earth. The brand of clay used here (has the terracotta colour hence the name) skips the baking part as its an air-dry variety.

This course explores the possibility of making beads out of air-dry clay, bringing out different textures, impressions, shapes and embedding objects into clay to create your own unique hand-made necklace, bracelets or earrings, hence learned you can apply the same in terracotta. Besides beading , assemblage and knotting techniques,  you learn to use scraps of fabric and found objects  to turn them to jewellery.

Course Outline

The most creative and time consuming part comes in bringing out the desired shape and impression, type of looping and its beading finish. During the course you could use collectibles such as broken glass pieces, metal pieces, sequins or small beads from old jewellery.

  • Introduction to the types of Clay used in Jewellery 
  • Availability of resources and jewellery making supplies
  • Observation, drawing the required design and texture
  • Moulding, Shaping, Texturing , Bead Holing and embedding in clay
  • Making clasps, types of knots and looping
  • Learning to make a pendant, necklace, ear studs, earings, finger rings, charms, bracelets , brooches,..etc
  • Painting & Beading.
  • Colour theory, Principles of design.
  •  Functional application of the tools and materials.
  • Alternative ideas for clay craft ! Home decor, hangings, key chains and many more.
  • Wire works and wire jewellery techniques.
  • Tips on artificial beaded jewellery  beading, types of findings and its uses                   
  • Beaded jewellery makeover – reconstruct, repair or make a new piece from your collection of beads
  • Jewellery beyond beads - using scraps of fabric and found objects.

Course Details

Teacher Lita Mathews
Day / Time 1:00pm- 4:00pm
Course Session Sunday/ Monday/ Tuesday
Duration 2 weeks - beaded jewellery, 4 weeks - clay jewellery (2 hours for a one to one session, 3 hours for a group )
Members Fee 2 weeks AED 350 / 4 weeks AED 680
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee depends on your purchase

Material Required

For drawing and notes
Pen ,Pencil, eraser, note book

For making beads/ pendants
Air-dry clay ( White/ Terracotta)
Small knife (for cutting the clay)
Tooth picks, pins/needles, safety pins, spoon, fork
Bottle caps/ jar caps
Rolling pin (for flattening the clay, steel /wooden rods will do)
Small jar (for water)
Plate (to air dry)
Collectibles (small beads, glass pieces…etc) - Optional

For painting
Acrylic colours/pearl colours /metallic colours (your choice)
Paint brushes (thin and pointed)
Palette for mixing
Jar (for water)
Old tooth brush (for spray paint effect)- Optional
Varnish spray - Optional

Jewellery making
Beading thread (hemp wire/ leather/ cotton /plastic thread/ Elastic thread)
Clasps (style of your choice). You would also learn clasps styles with thread and terracotta during the course
0.5 mm wire or instead have ear wires and jump rings
3 pliers - chain nose, round nose, flush cutter
Old pieces of jewellery that need a makeover or repair
Your old collection of artificial beads ( wooden, polymer, acrylic… etc)

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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