Stitching and Garment making Level 1

Basic Information


This course is an introduction to the creative pattern drafting of womens’ wear

Course is taught by Tsufa whose main line of work is consulting and training the start-up fashion companies and established fashion houses under her company Tsufa Fashion LLC. Using your body measurements, the basic blocks are developed through basic pattern drafting processes covering skirt, bodice, sleeve, trousers and dress.

Discussed and demonstrated while you follow are the various style adaptation pattern drafting techniques of silhouettes, necklines, and design details that complete the garment pattern draft making it ready for cutting.

This course is suitable for beginners, those with some basic experience and those that want to refresh their basic pattern drafting techniques knowledge.

Upon completion of this course, your knowledge and apprehension of the pattern drafting techniques will give you

a strong base and knowledge with which you will confidently be able to explore the more creative pattern drafting.


Class 1:      a) Intro

   b) Taking correctly your own body measurements for a skirt

                   c) Draft basic straight skirt front block

Class 2:      a) Draft basic straight skirt back block

b) Fine tune skirt block

c) Draft waistband block

d) Trace skirt block

e) Adapting silhouette style on skirt (full scale): A-line

Class 3:      a) Con’t: Adapting silhouette style on skirt (full scale) : A-line

b) Add Seam allowances, Marking and Info on A-line skirt pattern

Home practice: Redo A-line style adaptation (half scale)

Class 4:      a) Take upper torso measurements

b) Draft basic bodice front block

Class 5:      a) Draft basic bodice back block

b) Trace bodice front+back blocks

c) Fit the bodice with a dart

d) Adapting silhouette style on bodice (full scale): Yoke with pleats

Home practice : Trace bodice front+back blocks

Class 6:a) Con’t :Adapting silhouette style on bodice (full scale) : Yoke with pleats

   b) Complete pattern by adding button and button hole closure, and a round neckline

            c) Take sleeve measurements

Home practice: Add seam allowances, marking and info on styled bodice

 Class 7:     a) Draft sleeve block

b) Trace sleeve block

c) Adapting silhouette style on sleeve (full scale): Short sleeve with gathers inside cuff

 Class 8: a) GUEST SPEAKER: Diyali Sen Bhalla (see below for Diyali’s background)

     b) Take measurements for trousers

     c) Draft trousers front+back block

Home practice: Add seam allowances, marking and info on styled sleeve

 Class 9:     a) Con’t: Draft trousers back block

b) Home practice check (bodice + sleeve completed pattern)

c) Use bodice front+back blocks from Class 4+5 home practices to develop into dress block and fine tune the dress block 

GUEST SPEAKER: Diyali Sen Bhalla

I am an alumni of the National Institute Of Fashion Technology affiliated to FIT, New York.

I passed out of college in 1993 and having interned with a well known design house in Delhi, I started my own label and business in the year 1996.

I set up and managed the business, taking care of design, sales and supply.

Having participated in many fashion shows, and been covered in TV shows and other media I have gained valuable experience in the industry of fashion over the years.

I moved to Dubai on an offer of senior Fashion Consultant to a design store.

There in after I have enjoyed teaching and freelancing in Dubai which includes designing and producing uniforms for corporates and hotels and other design projects.

 The course of ‘Introduction to Fashion Design’ is a comprehensive course with the objective of learning the basics of fashion design and creativity.

Course Details

Teacher Shahana Mustafa
Day / Time Saturday 10 am -1pm Tuesday 10am -1pm, Thursday 10am -1pm
Course Session Saturday/ Tuesday/ Thursday- 3 Hours
Duration 12 Weeks
Members Fee 1950
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee AED 200

Material Required

Tape measure, Pencil + eraser, Notepad, 12 sheets of White drafting paper, Straight (transparent) grid ruler, French curve (transparent curved ruler for dressmaking), L-shaped ruler, Tracing wheel, Scotch tape (sellotape), Paper scissors, Coloured pencils

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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