Painting for EK Group Employees with Atul Panase

Basic Information

 30% discount - for all staff. (Emirates Group ID and Platinum Card holders)

Stressed? Exhausted? Tense?
Discover instant relaxation with art  exclusively for EK Group Employees

Art can be therapeutic. It could be just the right solution to release your stress and hectic lifestyle.  A creative pursuit can help you overcome stress, improve health and emotional wellbeing, and above all, get rid of negative energy and add positive vibes to life. Creativity can bring a whiff of freshness to a tired mind, add balance and motivation to a demanding work schedule and for shouldering enormous responsibility.

What you can learn?
Understanding and using six mediums which are: Pencil & Charcoal, Watercolor, Oil Pastels, Acrylics, Pen & Ink and using mixed media. Six Subjects: Sketching on location, drawing from life, landscape on location, portraits, still life and making storyboards.

Classes for General Drawing and Painting for all:
This course is designed in such a way that students will learn the use of different mediums with various techniques while working on different subjects. The focus will be on getting the joy of painting as a stress relieving activity.

Class timings:

Sunday     10.00  to 12.00,  14.00 to 16.00, 18.00  to 20.00
Thursday  10.00  to 12.00,  14.00 to 16.00


Please visit Atul's facebook link:

Course Details

Teacher Atul Panase
Day / Time Sun (10.00am-12.00pm),(6:00-8.00pm) Thusrday (2:00-4:00pm)
Course Session Sunday, Thursday: 2 Hours
Duration 8 weeks
Members Fee 1050
Non-Members Fee N/A
Material Fee

Material Required

Materials may be purchased from the art shop within the Art Centre

Terms and Conditions

* Only for students who are 13+ years.
* Minimum 4 and maximum 8 students to start a batch.
* All Payments need to paid in advance * Validity 3 months (8 classes to be covered in 3 months)
* Material List will be provided with the course outline (Students will need to bring in their own materials)
* There will be a dedicated web link for EK Group employees on DIACs website, where people can sign online. This link will also provide all information on ongoing course and periodic updates will be published.
* The DIAC will handle all the registrations along with follow-up calls and provide the studio space. 30% of total fees paid by the students will be donated to the Art Centre.

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