Oil Painting for Beginners / Intermediate

Basic Information

Oil painting is a very forgiving medium, therefore ideal for everyone, even those who have never painted before.
The first class will be a brief introduction and then we shall begin with a simple "still life" provided by the instructor. All artists paint at different speeds so there will be no pressure to finish quickly. 

Following paintings are for the students to supply the subject, which will be discussed during the course.
It is a magical experience, that a stark white canvas can be created into anything you want it to be.

Course Details

Teacher Angela Abou Alwan
Day / Time Monday (9.30-12.30), Wednesday (9.30am-12.30pm), Saturday 12.00-2.00pm
Course Session Monday, Wednesday : 3 Hours / Saturday 2 hours
Duration 6 Weeks
Members Fee 1000
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee NA

Material Required

Turpentine ( can be bought in the office). Old shirt or overall to protect clothing. Paper towels. Clean jam sized jar with a lid.
Oil paints:
Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Hue, Sap Green, Viridian (Green hue), Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow, Further colours to be added as needed
• 1 x snap filbert 4
• 1x snap filbert 8
• 1x snap round 0
• One tear off palette. One small palette knife.
Either canvas,square 30x30cms OR Vangogh oil pad.

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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