Interior design - basic

Basic Information

Interior Design Course Curriculum:

Level 1(Basic)

Week 1:Introduction to interior design

Week 2:Architectural drawing and how to read them

Week 3:Space planning

Week 4 & 5:The basics of the most common units (residential, commercial and restaurant unit)

Week 6 & 7: Concept Design & Colour study 

Week 8 & 9:Understanding materials and selections.

Week 10: Mood board & Material boards

Week 11 &12:Final design a project and presentation techniques.

3 hours per week - 12 week schedule 

Course Details

Teacher Oshmi Sengupta
Day / Time Tuesday 10 am -1pm
Course Session Tuesday 3 hours
Duration 12 weeks
Members Fee 1700
Non-Members Fee 25 % extra
Material Fee List will be provided

Material Required

List will be provided by the tutor

Terms and Conditions

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