Forms & Surfaces (Ceramic)

Basic Information

•    To understand the behavior of clay in all its stages: soft, leather-hard, dry, bisque and glazed
•    To develop a feel for the endless possibilities of marking the surface with slip, oxides, under-glaze and glaze.
•    To extract original design from various reference material.

Introduction to hand-building techniques: Wedging, pinching, coiling, slabs and the use of moulds. Methods of applying surface decoration: Dipping, pouring, sponging, trailing, spattering, stencil, resist, brushwork, graffito etc.

Course Details

Teacher Beba Hamati
Day / Time Sunday and Thursday 10am-1pm
Course Session Sunday and Thursday 6 hours
Duration 4 weeks
Members Fee 1130
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee 320

Material Required

Clay and glazes will be supplied at a cost of Dhs 250 which includes the firing fee. Please bring: Apron or old shirt to protect your clothing, plastic bags and an old towel.
Students also need to bring their own set of basic tools for use in the lesson. These are available from the Art Centre at a price of Dhs 90 a set.

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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