Feng Shui Interiors

Basic Information

Practical Feng Shui for your space
The Course in Feng Shui Interior Design gives you all the information you need about the principles of Feng Shui. You will learn all about the different techniques for using Feng Shui to create a balanced and harmonious environment, as well as beautiful interiors with unique and personalized styles.

You will focus on the following:

•Feng shui fundamentals
•Basic principles, the energy flow (Ch’i) in and around your home and workplace
•How to de-clutter the home
•The Bagua and how it is used in Feng Shui design
•Yin and Yan
•The five elements and their relationships to one another
•How to use colours to create harmonious interiors
•The art of perfect placement
•How to apply Feng Shui interior design room by room (project)
•The meaning of shapes in Feng Shui design

This modern approach is practical, effective and easy to use.

You will enjoy the benefits and wisdom of Feng Shui, and will be able to apply your creativity, taste and style!

Course Details

Teacher Nahida Beshara
Day / Time Monday(1.00-3.00pm)
Course Session Monday: 2 Hours
Duration 6 Weeks
Members Fee 1000
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee 50

Material Required

Notepad and pen

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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