Draping Garments

Basic Information


Prerequisite: Any pattern drafting course AND any sewing course

This Draping course is an extension of creative garment construction and involves hands on draping of fabric directly on the mannequin.

Course is taught by Tsufa whose main line of work is consulting and training the start-up fashion companies and established fashion houses under her company Tsufa Fashion LLC.

You may bring your own mannequin to each class, or use ones provided in-class by DIAC. The course involves and requires both pattern drafting as well as sewing as we progress throughout the draping process. You will learn how to pad the mannequin, develop a draped base as opposed to the pattern drafted one, and various draping detail techniques. The techniques used for the draping span from flat draping through to creative draping to develop beautifully rouched layers and design details on the garment itself.

Furthermore, we continue by working on our own projects, and the draping course completes with a project idea of your own.

Upon completion of this draping course, along with the pattern drafting and the sewing courses taken previously, you will be able to maximize your ability to create more interesting garment pieces and details without boundaries.


Lesson 1: a) Intro

b) Discussing draping options (bring your magazine cutout ideas to Lesson 1)

c) Mannequin padding

c) Draping basic body block (you may use one developed in pattern drafting course, if so please bring to Lesson 1)

d) Preparing draped block for stitching

Home practice 1: Decide on your chosen draping technique and bring photos to

Home practice 2: Stitch the base

Lesson 2: a) Finalize piece to drape and deadline

b) Check stitched base and modify to match chosen silhouette

c) Start draping the garment

During the following 6 weeks, you are welcome to watch each other draping as everyone will be working on different projects using different draping techniques. Tsufa will be there to guide you to use a correct draping technique and the order of steps in which your garment needs to be completed. In addition, Tsufa will be working on a separate project at random times so that you may learn additional draping techniques.

Lesson 3: a) Draping your garment project and stitching

Home practice: Proceed as possible on your own at home

Lesson 4: a) Draping your garment project and stitching

Home practice: Proceed as possible on your own at home

Lesson 5: a) Draping your garment project and stitching b) If you have completed your first project at this point, you may consult with me to move on to the second project

Home practice: Proceed as possible on your own at home

Lesson 6: a) Draping your garment project and stitching

Home practice: Proceed as possible on your own at home

Lesson 7: a) GUEST SPEAKER: Diyal Sen Bhalla (see below for Diyali’s background)

b) Near the completion of draping your garment projects

Home practice: Proceed as possible on your own at home

Lesson 8: a) Complete the dress project with final finishes to be done in this last class, on mannequin and the sewing machine.

b) Evaluation of your project 

GUEST SPEAKER: Diyali Sen Bhalla

I am an alumni of the National Institute Of Fashion Technology affiliated to FIT, New York.

I passed out of college in 1993 and having interned with a well known design house in Delhi, I started my own label and business in the year 1996.

I set up and managed the business, taking care of design, sales and supply.

Having participated in many fashion shows, and been covered in TV shows and other media  

I have gained valuable experience in the industry of fashion over the years.

I moved to Dubai on an offer of senior Fashion Consultant to a design store.

There in after I have enjoyed teaching and freelancing in Dubai which includes designing and producing uniforms for corporates and hotels and other design projects.

The course of ‘Introduction to Fashion Design’ is a comprehensive course with the objective of learning the basics of fashion design and creativity.

The course covers various subjects of fashion including drawing the figure in many poses and the techniques of design.

The students would learn the theories of design and garments and by the end of the course have a portfolio of their collection.

Course Details

Teacher Tsufa Bijelic
Day / Time Wednesday (9:30-12:30)
Course Session Wednesday: 3 Hours
Duration 12 Weeks
Members Fee 1950
Non-Members Fee 25% Extra
Material Fee 100 AED if purchased from the centre

Material Required

Materials: Mannequin if you wish to use your own; Otherwise you may use mannequins provided by DIAC.
Fabric (amount needed for your project) – you may ask in the fabric shop or consult with me before starting your project
Thread (one shade darker than your chosen fabric)
Tape measure, 10 newspapers, 1.5” wide masking tape (3 rolls)
Fabric scissors, Straight pins and Gold safety pins, Tracing wheel
Straight ruler, French curve (curved stick for dressmaking), L-shaped ruler
Pencil and eraser, Pen, Fabric marker and/or Fabric chalk, Notepad
Sewing machine,

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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