Creative Silk Painting

Basic Information

This course is aimed at the beginner and intermediate level silk painters. You will learn the basic techniques, explore various methods & processes of painting on silk including batik techniques to develop them into Paintings and Silk Scarves. We will be using steam fixed dyes which become totally integrated with the fabric while still respecting the characteristic luminosity and texture of silk. Line drawings will be provided by the instructor but if you know how to draw beautifully, she encourages you to bring your own images/line drawings.

Weeks 1&2- You will work on a sample painting to get familiar with the materials and learn the various techniques and texturing processes used on silk. Weeks 3&4-  You work on your second silk painting using all the techniques/processes learnt in Week 1&2. Weeks 5&6- You will work on your third piece of silk to develop it into an interesting silk scarf. Ponge€ Silk #05,

Course Details

Teacher Beena Samuel
Day / Time Saturday( 16.30-18.30)
Course Session Saturday:3 Hours
Duration 8 Weeks
Members Fee 1075
Non-Members Fee Add 25%
Material Fee 200

Material Required

Steam fixed dyes, brushes(ordinary) and all other necessary tools/equipments will be provided by the instructor . If you prefer, you may carry your own good quality brushes to work on silk.

Terms and Conditions

1. Pre-registration required for all classes and payments to be made in advance.
2. Students must attend classes they have registered and paid for.
3. Makeup classes provided and refunds issued only if art center cancels any lessons.

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