3D Embossed Art..

Basic Information

This art class will teach basic techniques of creating artwork embossed on plywood. This will bring the 3D effect and depict a unique combination of tracing filled with varieties of powder on the plywood panel. These panels are formed from powder paste and hand painted in a rich palette of oil and acrylic colors. 

Material Required

Different types of Powder



Texture white

Paint brushes 



Acrylic colors  

Oil colors 



Please note that all materials will be provided by the art teacher for which AED 350/- will be charged. 


Course Details

Teacher Sangita Agrawal
Day / Time Monday & Wednesday
Course Session Monday & Wednesday 2 hours
Duration 5 weeks
Members Fee AED 1400 +VAT
Non-Members Fee 25% extra
Material Fee AED 350 + VAT

Material Required

materials required are powders, adhesive, plywood, acrylic / oil colors etc. Please note that I will provide all materials required for the art piece and will charge AED 350/- for materials per student.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that students should select the day they wish to attend and register for that class. During term students may only attend on a different day with prior permission from the office.

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