Inside DIAC

The Art Centre is housed in a spacious former residential building with gardens and out buildings in the heart of Jumeirah. It is accessible from the Beach Road and has off-road parking to the front of the building. The Art Centre is within easy walking distance of the Mercato Mall. 

Please click here for a virtual tour.


The Coffee Shop

The Art Cafe is run by Noor

She serves Salads, Sandwiches and different cakes. 

Coffee variations like cappuccino and café latte are also available along with a variety of teas and soft drinks.

Teaching and Creativity Rooms.

The Art Centre contains 8 teaching and creativity rooms equipped for purpose as well as specially equipped rooms for painting, pottery, photography, presentations and music.

The rooms are available for hire subject to Art Center scheduled activities.

The Art Centre also has an Art Shop  managed by Creative Middle East. 

Ms. Neth - 0509175724

Students can find all their needs at the shop,

Discounts are given to members and students alike.