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Press Release

8 February 2017

Gone by Lena Lenda

Gallery 76 is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the youngUkrainianborn artist, Lena Lenda. An opening reception will be held at Gallery 76,starting at 19h00 on Saturday 8 February 2020.

Since 2019, Lena works exclusively as an independent artist. Shepreviously made her mark at group exhibitions in the Ukraine and the UAE and her artappearsin private collections across Europe, Africa and the UAE. Lena graduated from art school in Kiev, followed by post-graduate studies at theNational Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, where she researched the occurrence of street art and graffiti in the city of Kiev.She worked as a commercial artist in both Kiev and Dubai prior to establishing a career as a full-time artist.

Lena is fascinated by shapes and colours and finds her inspiration in nature and artificial objects that inhabit our day-to-day reality. She is biased towards artisanal arts and crafts that represent people and their cultural heritage, opposed to the contemporary and predominant ‘universe-in-our-pocket’ culture. She quotes Carl Jung, who articulates her ‘man-against-nature’ philosophy: ‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes’.

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Vernissage on 10th December 6:30pm
Vernissage on 10th December 6:30pm
Vernissage on 10th December 6:30pm