Gallery 76

Recycling Art Exhibition during Earth Week 2014
Gallery 76 at Dubai International Art Centre

Art lovers in Dubai will be treated to a rare exhibition of Recycling Art at Gallery 76, located at Dubai International Art Centre. This is a diverse group of international artists based in Dubai who will showcase modern contemporary artwork around the theme of ecological art.

His Excellency Mr. T. P. Seetharam, Ambassador of India to the UAE, will attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Saturday 12th April, 2014 at 6 PM accompanied by Madam. The show will run through Saturday 26 April.

A series of recycling art workshops are planned at the Art Centre during this time for the public to participate in creating and appreciating eco-art. The exhibiting artists will conduct these workshops for adults and children. Two sessions are planned, on Monday 14 April and Tuesday 15 April, from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Gallery 76 is pleased to present these events as part of the UAE Green Festival. This exhibition is timed to coincide with Earth Day, 22 April, and Earth Week, 21-25 April. Hence, there is a strong ecological theme for the art exhibition, which focuses on recycling everyday objects and materials into Fine Art. Each artist will interpret the theme in their own personal way. Together, the group show presents myriad images of exciting new artistic expressions, which will be sure please art enthusiasts of all ages.

Ms. Diyali Bhalla is a painter and fashion designer from India, and teaches at the Art Centre. She will recycle wooden furniture into colorful sculptural compositions. Diyali uses wood, newspapers and found materials in combination with paint to create lively abstract artworks which evoke the human body in various ways. As a fashion designer she celebrates life through the human body, with gestures, movements and emotions. Her work is a deeply personal expression of the human condition as it evolves in the context of modern life.

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Ms. Beena Samuel is a watercolorist/mixed media/mosaicist/silk painter from India, and is an art instructor at the Art Centre. Her style is abstract and lyrical, with a penchant for organic forms and free-flowing compositions. Beena will exhibit colorful mosaics, abstract compositions made from recycled paper, silk, glass and found materials.  She will blend rolls of salvaged paper and cardboard with found objects into sculptural and dynamic compositions. Beena’s work expresses flora, fauna, the sea and other natural themes evoking the cycles of life.

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Mr. Jeff Scofield is a right-handed painter and installation artist from the USA, and is the Art Director at Gallery 76. He will create artworks using recycled cardboard and paper mache, which he will invite the public to assist in painting. In addition, he will exhibit installations of materials recycled from construction sites and transformed into abstract art compositions. Jeff re-uses natural materials such as wire, cables, metal grilles, glass, cardboard, paper, jute, and other fabrics, which he combines with paint to create abstract art. His work is an original exploration of sustainable themes which express the contradictions between human progress and life.

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